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Simple mileage tracking solution

  • • Tax deduction reports of company cars

  • • Business expenses reimbursement of personal car

  • • Activity tracking - where, when and for how long I have been with my car

Mobile gps tracking app

Trip history Android
Trip history Android
Trip view Android
Trip view Android

Automatic recording

Tracking starts automatically with help of a hands-free device, iBecaon, charger detection, or movement detection. Manual start/stop is available also.

Tracking of multiple vehicles

Automatic recording recognizes vehicle paired with startup device and records trip for it.

Odometer reading entry

Odometer readings can be entered at any time, during or between trips. Configurable weekly, daily, or monthly reminders for odo entry.

Additional info for trips

Start and end addresses are automatically determined, but can be overwritten manually or by predefined saved locations. Additionally, type, purpose, and notes can be added to each trip.

Trip history IOS
Trip history IOS
Trip view IOS
Trip view IOS

Automatic upload

Tracked trips can be automatically uploaded to cloud service, so basically there is no need to open the phone app at all, just check and report trips from the web.

Calendar integration

APP can be linked with a calendar and all trip events will automatically appear also in your calendar.

Reports output

Trips can be exported to Excel.

Driving log in the web

Well organized

Trips are divided into three statuses: trips history; draft reports and finished reports. Processed trips can be filtered by different criterias.

Consistency check

Trips on reports where start location doesn't match the end location of the previous trip are marked, so potentially missing trips can be found.

Add trips

Missing trips can be added to reports. The optimal route and trip length are proposed according to entered start and end location. Length can be corrected manually.

Odometer readings on the reports

The end odometer of last the report is used as the start odo of the next report, end odometer is calculated from the odo entries on report trips.

Reports output

Reports can be printed, exported into excel, and shared for a time-limited period directly from the web.

Trip history Web
Trip history Web

What is LE Beacon?

The Low-Energy USB beacon can be used to pair your vehicle and app if you don't have a Bluetooth device, or don't want to use a charger or less accurate vehicle movement detection as the recording trigger.
• Due to technical peculiarities of IOS devices, the use of Le Becaon is in standby mode more battery friendly than hands-free, charger detection or movement detection triggered recording.

How much the service costs?

$£€ 0
  • App recording only
  • No web upload
  • No calendar connection
  • No reports export and sharing
$£€ 2.99/month
  • Automatic web upload
  • Calendar connection
  • Reports export and sharing

Yearly Premium
$£€ 29.90/year
  • Automatic web upload
  • Calendar connection
  • Reports export and sharing
  • Free iBeacon coupon on 1st year
• Shown prices are valid for subscriptions made through the Logify web service. Mobile apps have subscription possibility also through Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei AppGallery. The mobile subscription prices may vary a bit based on country and currency!
Free Premium
Mobile app
Automatic trip recording
Manual upload
Automatic upload
Calendar connection
Trips split and join
Manual trip creation
Triplist export to Excel
Web service
Trips history
Trips filtering
Trip vehicle, type, purpose and notes change
Trips deletion
Triplist export to Excel
Triplist webview
Draft report creation
Draft reports
Trip length, type, purpose and notes change
Uploaded trips addition to draft report
Manual trips creation
Trips deletion
Draft report deletion
Draft report completion
Draft report export to Excel
Draft report webview
Completed reports
Completed report revert to draft
Completed report export to Excel
Completed report webview
Completed report sharing